About Us

Montgomery Township in NJ is home to beautiful parks, excellent public schools, one of the highest median household incomes in the state, a diverse and international community, and a forward-thinking town government. In addition, many artists, emerging and professional, live and work in Montgomery Township.

Some say art is a luxury, that it’s not one of our three basic human needs. But art is essential to bringing people together. Art is a celebration of history and culture which encourages participation, sparks innovation and creativity while it breaksdowns barriers. The arts offer an unlimited supply of new ideas for exploration and growth while engaging people of all ages, across all socio-economic classes. Art is a great equalizer. Around the world, it can be seen that strong creative communities are indicative of a thriving mix of shared ideas and cultures.

Our Mission

The mission of the Montgomery Arts Council (MAC) is to strategically invest in and develop artistic and creative growth in Montgomery. By supporting and encouraging working artists, community-wide collaborations, and events, MAC will be able to strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones within the Montgomery community. This creative growth will assist in branding Montgomery as a destination for non-locals, thereby aiding in the economic growth and support of local businesses as well as the arts.

What We Need

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support that is critical in making the mission of the council possible.

For any questions contact: montyartscouncil@gmail.com